Reimaging Stadium Wayfinding

A solution that provides wayfinding services, seat location, video agent help, and real-time marketing opportunities (2010).


Providing a Fun Experience for Fans and Driving Revenue for Teams.


Ultimate Fan Experience

Brenton’s challenge was to help Cisco’s StadiumVision team re-invent the ultimate fan experience.  Technology in the stadium should not be the focus, the fan experience is the king.  People should feel special and easily find their way through the venue.

This project overview covers the design of a HDTV wayfinding kiosk.

Which way!?

Which way!?


How we did it

Brenton led the UX design to create a solution that the provided wayfinding services, seat location, live on-screen video agent for help, and provided real-time marketing opportunities for sponsors.

For this prototype project, we analized the New Orleans Arena layout (now called Smoothie King Stadium), came up with a design concept, prototyped it, and usability tested it.

Giving Users Permission to touch the TV

Giving Users Permission to touch the TV

New User Behaviors in 2009

Usability test revealed people were afraid to touch the HDTV (2009). Older users grew up being told to ‘never touch the surface of the TV’. We came up with a solution! After about 30 seconds of inactivity, the UI resets to the ‘home’ screen. We adding a bouncing basket ball to let people know it was OK to touch.  🙂

We partnered with Array Interactive that had a solid Adobe AIR based platform. The final solution uses a 50″ HDTV with an embedded touchscreen. A networked computer manages the touchscreen driver and content updates



People love interacting with the map, advertisers love the targeted marketing.

Final Design

Final Design