Radically Simple Backup

A Simple Backup for Consumers (2008).


Using consumer research, Seagate knew almost every person had lost files but still didn’t backup. The director of consumer UX wanted to design personal backup software that shipped on every drive that matched Time Machine. Brenton led a four person design consulting team, tasked to come up with a really simple backup solution. Brenton rallied the team around a clear conceptual user model: “I want to make a copy of my photos”.

Previous research revealed everyone considered backup a ‘copy’ and pictures always top the list of ‘irreplaceable’ content.


Design Workshops


In  design workshops with the core stockholders, we discussed the personas, UX scenarios, and wireframe concepts. Our design team explored and presented a wide range of product concept opportunities across three core personas.
The UX director was now able to chose a final direction.


Evolving the Design



A Win-Win

Designs were delivered in a interaction specification. Seagate’s design staff then created the final visual designs and panels. In the end, “Betty the grandma” persona got a “one click” continuous backup. “Dan the gamer” persona got standard options that included content type selection. Finally, “Tim the business customer”, could customize everything under advanced settings, a win-win.