Smart Phone Apps

An opportunity to move beyond existing expectations by smartphone users (2011).


An Opportunity to Move Beyond Existing Expectations

Qualcomm hired EchoUser in San Francisco to design a suite of native phone apps for a new platform. The user experience research was completed and Qualcomm needed designers to create native application paradigms for To do’s, Clock, FM radio, and a multi-media Scratchpad. Brenton was brought in for creative direction.


Brainstorming, Concepting, and Iterating


After digesting the existing user research, our team immediately started rethinking user goals and needs. We started with a fresh perspective and challenged iPhone and Android assumptions. The clock was ticking! We had 8 weeks from brainstorm to the final user interface specification hand-off!

Our team quickly came up with 100’s of ideas and began with user experience scenarios and use cases for each application.


Use Cases and Wireframing


Detailed Look at “To Dos”


As the team moved into paper prototypes (wireframes) the existing interaction paradigm for delete became fuzzy. What’s best? Touch the items then delete? Or, invoke delete then touch the items? We ran a quick usability study on our paper prototypes, with a wireframe for each possible state so the user could write on them and give feedback.




Users did prefer the ‘touch the items then delete’ interaction model.

Although it was a bit more challenging for deleting multiple items. The “To Dos” were originally called “Tasks”, but the quick study revealed real users prefer “To Dos”.


Extremely detailed UI specs were created and handed off to Qualcomm

Extremely detailed UI specs were created and handed off to Qualcomm


The final design for the ToDo App.